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Badges & Nameplates

Finishes that stand out

PrintMedia can supply printed metal nameplates, plaques, domed and moulded badges as well as overlays to any specification to meet your specific requirements. See below for more information on some of the products we can supply, and get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your requirements!

Metal Nameplate

PrintMedia are a leading supplier of metal nameplates. Anodised aluminium is one of the most popular materials because of its corrosion and wear-resistant properties. A bespoke product, we can customise the print using different colours and techniques. We can also produce variable data nameplates. 

A popular form of product labelling and brand identity, these resin-coated badges are now used widely across industries – including glossy automotive and computer badges. With our leading industry knowledge, we can use a variety of printing processes to give different effects.

Badges can be printed via digital, flexography, letterpress, screen printing and lithography. If you are not sure about your requirements, our experts will be able to advise you on which print type is best for your needs. The acrylic resin used to complete your design will ensure your badge stands the test of time.

Injection moulded badges can help improve your brand, make your product look more professional and bolster your company’s reputation. This is a fully bespoke solution, meaning that badges can be created in any shape and size, using a range of finishes, thicknesses and colours. With extra durability and longer lifetime, ABS moulded badges are ideally suited to products that are used outdoors.And with our strong knowledge of adhesives, we can find the right solution to ensure that the identifying badge survives for the lifetime of your product.

Custom printed graphic overlays for control panels, products and more. These products are cost-effective, hard-wearing and functional. They are suitable for a variety of customer and industrial purposes. At PrintMedia, our understanding of the market landscape helps us deliver tailored solutions to suit your needs. Prints will always be of the highest quality and can be produced to high standards by any of our national and international partners. Our strong material and adhesive knowledge will ensure that your overlays stand the test of time.

If you aren’t sure how you want to design to look, we can create the artwork on your behalf and advise on the best adhesives to set your plate in place permanently.