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Linerless Labels

Easy & Efficient

Linerless Labels offer a compelling solution for both products and other labelling needs. By applying a silicone coating to the front of the label, the need for traditional glassine liner is removed and labels can peel away from the label underneath when on a roll.

Going linerless boasts advantages such as reduced downtime, zero liner waste, and increased print surface area, ultimately enhancing efficiency and sustainability in your packaging operations. Explore how this innovative labeling option could benefit your business today.

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Environmental Impact: Linerless labels significantly reduce waste compared to self-adhesive labels, as they eliminate the need for liner material. This reduction in waste aligns with sustainability goals and reduces landfill contributions.

Cost Efficiency: Linerless labels offer cost savings over self-adhesive labels due to factors such as reduced material usage, increased label capacity per roll, and minimized downtime during production line changes.

Storage Space: With linerless labels, rolls are smaller due to the absence of traditional glassine liner, allowing for either smaller rolls, or more labels per roll. A reduction in roll size means less storage space is needed, freeing up valuable warehouse real estate for other purposes, or more labels per roll means less changeovers of rolls on a printer.

Application Speed: Linerless labels can be applied at high speeds, improving production efficiency and throughput.

Flexibility in Application: Linerless labels are versatile and suitable for various packaging types and products. They are commonly used in food service (such as restaurants and fast food chains) and logistics (labeling at points of dispatch) sectors, offering flexibility in application across different marketplaces.

Linerless labels present a compelling solution for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and streamline their labeling processes. While self-adhesive labels remain suitable for certain applications, several customer types and sectors can benefit significantly from making the switch to linerless labels:

Environmentally Conscious Brands: Companies committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint can benefit from the waste-reducing properties of linerless labels.

High-Volume Production Facilities: Industries with high-volume production lines, such as food packaging and logistics, can capitalize on the increased application speeds and reduced downtime offered by linerless labels.

Businesses Requiring Flexible Labeling Options: With their versatility and suitability for various packaging types, linerless labels are ideal for businesses in sectors such as food service, logistics, and retail, where packaging requirements may vary widely.

Companies Seeking Cost Savings: Linerless labels offer cost efficiencies through reduced material usage and optimized storage space, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to streamline operations and minimize expenses.

Our Expert Guidance: At PrintMedia, our team of labeling experts is ready to assist you in determining the most suitable labeling solution for your specific needs. Whether you're considering transitioning to linerless labels or exploring other options, our experts can provide tailored recommendations and support to ensure a seamless transition and maximum benefits for your business.

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