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About Us

Welcome to PrintMedia, your leading destination for top-quality labelling and product marking solutions since 1998. Established to meet industrial demands, we've expanded globally, with offices in Poland and Hong Kong, ensuring personalised service for our valued customers.

In 2022, PrintMedia was acquired by the Sturdy Print Group, headquartered near Liverpool. However, our commitment to excellence and personalised service remains unchanged. We operate as an autonomous entity, focused on delivering the same exceptional support that has defined us since our inception.

Conveniently located in Trafford Park, Manchester, our primary operations hub houses our warehouse, administration, and management teams. Here, we continue the tradition set by our founders in 1998, prioritising unparalleled customer service above all else.

PrintMedia proudly holds UL approval, along with ISO9001 and Ecovardis recognitions, showcasing our steadfast dedication to exceptional service and adherence to the highest industry and sustainability standards.

Explore our product pages to discover our extensive range of solutions, hardware, and labels, tailored to meet your every need.


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Why trust us?

Trust PrintMedia, the preferred partner for numerous global giants. Renowned for delivering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing labelling, cutting-edge software, and advanced hardware solutions to industry titans across diverse sectors including electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Leveraging a robust and diverse supply chain coupled with in-house manufacturing capabilities, PrintMedia stands ready to fulfil any marking and labelling need with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Rely on us for unmatched quality and reliability, backed by years of proven expertise and a track record of serving the world's foremost enterprises.

PrintMedia have experts on hand to assist with any enquiry. Whether it be related to labelling, hardware, software or anything else within labelling and barcoding solutions, PrintMedia have the relevant experts across each discipline to assist accordingly. Get in touch with one of our experts and discuss your marking or identification requirements today!

PrintMedia have physical locations in the UK, Poland and Hong Kong as well as being partnered with other organisations across the globe. With not only technical, but regional expertise, PrintMedia are able to provide a tailored solution dependent on where you're based in the world.

The Team

Mark Stothers

Managing Director

Mark Stothers

Mark joined PrintMedia in 2022 and has oversight of all aspects of the business. When he isn't managing the team and growing the business, Mark is a fully qualified electrician and expert 'DIY'er!

Placeholder Female

Office Manager

Joanne Cunningham

Joanne has been a part of PrintMedia since the beginning. Starting in sales, Joanne now manages the financial side of the business, whilst also overseeing many of the other functions in her role as Office Manager

Placeholder Female

Account Manager

Lisa Gillespie

Lisa joined the team in 2019 and manages several of PrintMedia's biggest customers. Aside from exceptional customer service, Lisa has also been the proud owner of many exotic pets!

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Account Manager

Mark Hoy

Mark joined PrintMedia in 2021 and is the dedicated Account Manager for some of PrintMedia's biggest customers. Whilst his role has him liaising with people across the globe, Mark's biggest passion is closer to home - Manchester United.

Placeholder Male

Sales Manager

Matt Walker

Matt joined PrintMedia in 2024 as the Company's Sales Manager. Matt's role covers all apsects of the business; from labels to hardware and everything in between.

Placeholder Male

Technical Manager

Norton Law

Before moving to the UK in 2023, Norton ran PrintMedia's Hong Kong division. However, after relocating to the UK Norton is now the go to source of knowledge for all things labels and identifcation solutions.

Placeholder Male

Warehouse Supervisor

Rob Warburton

Rob became part of the PrintMedia Team in 2023. He is responsible for ensuring that all customers receive their orders correctly and on time. When he isn't managing stock, Rob enjoys fishing and football.

Placeholder Male

Print Bureau Supervisor

Harry Conreen

Harry is PrintMedia's resident expert in all things thermal printing. Whether it's overprinting himself, or helping customers choose the correct thermal printing solution Harry is available to help.

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