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Performance Without Cost


The B-EX4T2 series is designed to seamlessly replace competitor products, using Z-Mode emulation to integrate into legacy software systems. Flat-head technology, left justified media and the use of inside and outside wound ribbons allows for replacement of ageing and costly to operate legacy printing estates (with easy transition from old label and ribbon stock).

B-EX4T2 Main

Efficiency: High-speed printing capability allows for rapid label production, increasing operational efficiency.

Flexibility: Versatile interface options and compatibility with various media types make it suitable for diverse printing applications.

Reliability: Robust construction and advanced features ensure reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.

Quality Output: High resolution and font options deliver clear and professional-looking labels and barcodes.

Scalability: Optional accessories such as cutter and internal rewinder enhance functionality and adaptability to changing business needs.


Printhead: The flat-type printhead design ensures consistent and precise printing, reducing maintenance and ensuring high-quality output over time.

Compact Design: With dimensions of H:310mm x W:278mm x D:460mm, the printer offers a compact footprint, ideal for environments where space is limited.

Versatile Interface: In addition to USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity, optional interfaces like parallel, serial, wireless LAN, RTC, and USB host provide flexibility to integrate the printer into various systems and networks.

Memory Capacity: The generous memory capacity of 32Mbytes SD RAM and 16Mbytes Flash ROM enables the printer to handle large print jobs efficiently and store frequently used data for quick access.

Print Method: Supporting both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods, the printer offers versatility to accommodate different label materials and applications.

High-Speed Printing: With a maximum print speed of 12 ips (304 mm/sec), the printer ensures fast throughput, reducing production time and increasing productivity.

High Resolution: The option for 203dpi, 300dpi, or 600dpi resolution allows for crisp and detailed printing, suitable for applications requiring high-quality text, graphics, and barcodes.

Font Options: Supporting both bitmap and outline fonts, the printer offers flexibility in font selection, catering to various labeling requirements and design preferences.

Barcode Compatibility: Including GS1 DataBar (RSS) compatible barcodes ensures compliance with industry standards and seamless integration into supply chain and logistics processes.

Media Handling: With support for paper widths of up to 114 mm and paper rolls with a diameter of 200 mm (7.9"), the printer accommodates a wide range of label sizes and media types, increasing versatility in label printing applications.

Optional Accessories: Accessories such as cutter, peel-off, and internal rewinder enhance the printer's functionality, allowing for customized configurations tailored to specific workflow needs and operational preferences.